Dear Friend,

This past week, our community suffered the tragic loss of a dear friend and active member, Jason Forman OBM. Jason was taken from our midst at the young age of 41.

Jason was the life of the party! Whether it was a Purim party or a Friday night meal, his cheerful spirit was contagious, singing louder and dancing harder than anyone else in the room. Anytime something needed to get done, you could count on Jason to volunteer, whatever the need may be. 

Recently, Jason was the winner of a raffle prize worth $150. When informed that he was the winner, he expressed to us that he would very much like the money to go towards Tefillin. "The next time you encounter someone who needs Tefillin," he said, "but they can't afford to buy it, give them this money so they can have Tefilin of their own!"

That was Jason.

And to perpetuate his legacy, we are establishing a Tefillin bank for our Eastern Connecticut Jewish community. The Bank will subsidize the cost of Tefillin for those who are committed to fulfilling this mitzvah, but can not afford the cost of the Tefillin. It will also have a few pairs of Tefillin available for loanThis fund will be in memory of Jason,Yosef Aharon ben Binyomin OBM. 

If you would like to donate towards the Tefillin bank, please click here.

May we always have only good news to share with one another.


Rabbi Avrohom and Maryashi Sternberg

Rabbi Aizik and Mushky Schwei